How to Access Your Domain Name

Where do I log in to the Domain Panel?

You may log in to the Domain Panel by going to this. After clicking on the link, a new window should appear which looks like this:

I don’t see options for Email or URL Forwarding

To take advantage of our free services such as Email or URL Forwarding, you must first make sure that the NameServers for your domain are set to use Our NameServers. By default all new domain names are set to use “Our NameServers”. However, your domain may be using other name servers if it is transferred from another registrar. Here are the steps to configure your domain to use our name servers:

Log into our Domain Manager.

Click on NameServers, under the View/Modify section.

Next, from the Use: option make sure that Our NameServers is selected.
Lastly, click on the Modify button to save your changes. You will be brought back to the main page of the Domain Manager and you should be able to see the options to set up URL and Email forwarding now. Please note that you should not change your name servers without checking with your web host if your domain name is currently being hosted by a web hosting provider. Your website and email operation may be disrupted if you do not duplicate the same configuration of your domain from the previous name servers.

My user/domain password is not working

Make sure that you do not include any spaces before or after the password and that you are typing in your username or domain name correctly when prompted. Remember that the “www.“ in front of a domain is not part of your domain. Do not forget to include the .com or .net after your domain. If nothing seems to work, please send us a support ticket from this page. Remember to tell us the domain name you’re having problems with.

I forgot my password

We would like to advise you to write down your password and keep it at a safe place. In the event your password is forgotten or misplaced, you may request for it from this page.Please note that for security reasons, your password will only be emailed to the current Administrative contact of your domain name and the registered email address of your user account.

I just registered my domain, when will I get my password to access it?

You will only receive the password to access your domain in the confirmation email that we send to you, after your domain is registered successfully. This should not take more than 24 hours from the time you submit your registration order. If you still do not receive our confirmation email after 48 hours, it’s likely that there is something wrong with your email address. You might have mistyped your email address during registration, your mailbox might be full or there might be some problem with your mail server. These are some of the most common reasons our confirmation email can’t reach you.Please submit a support ticket to verify the status of your domain order ONLY after 48 hours.