Why transfer your domain name to Active-Domain?

Some registrars still charge up to $35 per year for each domain name. Active-Domain is offering a special price of just $9.95* or lower to transfer your domain name. The bottom line is that you can save up to 70% from your current registrar. Plus, you will have complete control over your domains, your contact information and name server entries. You will also have the ability to administer multiple domains at once.

* Please click here to see the actual transferring price for each TLD

After your domain name has been transferred to Active-Domain, we will also extend your domain registration from its current expiry date. You will still benefit from the registration you have already paid for, plus you will get extra time you pay for with Active-Domain. For example, if your domain expires in eight months, after the domain is transferred to us, it would now expire in one year and eight months. You would not lose any money on your original registration!

3 easy steps to transfer your domain name:

1) Fill in the form below for the domain name or list of domains you want to have transferred.

2) You need to make payment for the order. We will send a verification email to the email address listed as the Administrative Contact of your domain to verify that you are the legitimate person to transfer the domain. You MUST respond to this email before we can proceed with the transfer of your domain.

3) Your current registrar will send you a confirmation email to confirm your intention to have your domain transferred to us. It will be sent to the email address listed as the Administrative Contact information of your domain. Please be sure that this email address is correct or updated. You MUST respond to this confirmation email within 48 hours or your domain transfer will be rejected.

That’s all you need to do! Once you approve the transfer and it has been completed, you are ready to begin using our services. Your domain name information (including DNS) remains unchanged until the transfer is completed so you will not experience any downtime.

Important: Please do not send us your transfer request if your domain does not meet the following criteria:

Domain needs to have 60 days of domains prior to registered to start transfer. Your domain cannot have an expired status. You are no longer the legal owner of your domain once it is expired. If your domain is expired, you must renew it with your registrar before sending us your transfer order.

Your domain’s Administrative Contact information must be valid or updated. You must be the person listed in the admin contact of your domain and the email address listed in the admin contact must be valid and accessible by you.Note: We do not accept transfer order for .ws, .co.uk and .org.uk domains at the moment.

Please be sure to read our Transfer Agreement when you transfer domain name to us